Carthago Motorhomes

Carthago motorhomes are truly special, offering outstanding living spaces and impeccable interiors. Manufactured to exceptionally-high standards, they provide unrivalled sophistication to the buyer.

The value-added formula so integral to the Carthago brand has played a key part towards the company’s rise to the pinnacle of the motorhomes market. Right from your first viewing of any Carthago, you’ll be left convinced of its quality and value.

Carthago’s statements of achievement aren’t simply statements put down on paper. They have been proven. Carthago’s team have:

  • Successfully developed and tested unbeatable lighting protection
  • Equipped their vehicles with comprehensive safety packages as standard
  • Ensured practical conversion of the combined bathroom into a spacious changing room
  • Developed a practical steering wheel which can be swivelled away for their Liner model

Behind Carthago motorhomes are the ideas of some of the industry’s brightest minds. They combine passion, competence and a wealth of imagination to deliver motorhomes of truly exceptional standards.

Carthago’s goal is simple: They want ‘to produce the best motorhome in each category’, with an emphasis on delivering solutions that do more than competitive alternatives – and ultimately deliver extra happiness to the buyer.

Carthago’s outstanding range of motorhomes includes:

  • C-tourer – Lightweight and super-solid series
  • Chic – Exceptionally spacious and comfortable
  • C-compactline – Lightest integrated premium motorhome
Carthago Motorhomes
Carthago c-tourer
Carthago c-tourer

From: £68,880

Carthago chic
Carthago chic

From: £78,050