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    carthago chic motorhome

    CARTHAGO chic-c-line

    Elegant, comfortable and extremely practical at the same time are the key attributes to define the chic c-line.

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      Elegance, comfort and extravagance

      The chic-c-line is designed to offer individuality, exceptional space and outstanding views over the landscape you’re driving within.

      Available on the Fiat Ducato Al-KO chassis and the Mercedes Benz Sprinter Al KO. The spacious interior means that both the driver’s cabin and the living area are roomy and comfortable, any feelings of confinement are out of the questions.

      • Up to 5 berth
      • 10 Fiat Ducato models
      • 10 Mercedes Benz models
      • Extra large main cabin door
      • Scooter garage
      • Truma combi heating system
      carthago chic

      Carthago chic c-line I 4.9 LE

      Carthago chic c-line I 5.0 QB

      Luxury Motorhomes From One Of The Most Modern Motorhome Manufacturers

      Carthago motorhomes are truly special, offering outstanding living spaces and impeccable interiors. Manufactured to exceptionally-high standards, they provide unrivalled sophistication to the buyer.

      The value-added formula so integral to the Carthago brand has played a key part towards the company’s rise to the pinnacle of the motorhomes market. Right from your first viewing of any Carthago, you’ll be left convinced of its quality and value.

      Carthago’s statements of achievement aren’t simply statements put down on paper. They have been proven. Carthago’s team have:

      • Successfully developed and tested unbeatable lighting protection
      • Equipped their vehicles with comprehensive safety packages as standard
      • Ensured practical conversion of the combined bathroom into a spacious changing room
      • Developed a practical steering wheel which can be swivelled away for their Liner model
      • Behind Carthago motorhomes are the ideas of some of the industry’s brightest minds. They combine passion, competence and a wealth of imagination to deliver motorhomes of truly exceptional standards.

      Carthago’s goal is simple: They want ‘to produce the best motorhome in each category’, with an emphasis on delivering solutions that do more than competitive alternatives – and ultimately deliver extra happiness to the buyer.

      carthago motorhome interior
      carthago chic-c-line motorhome interior

      The Carthago Premium DNA

      Innovative thinking, an eye for detail, extravagant solutions and consistent development focus on a high degree of practical use, the perfect combination of hightech lightweight construction materials, intelligent processing and pioneering spirit. These are the ingredients for our unique overall vehicle concept. They are deeply rooted in our Carthago Premium DNA. It is an incentive and an obligation at the same time: The Carthago Premium DNA is our value promise to each Carthago customer, and brings together that which characterises every one of our motorhomes – and at the same time, it expresses how a Carthago differs from other motorhomes. Our core expertise is in motorhomes in the liner premium class.

      This because our 40 years of experience flow into every stage of development and manufacturing. We think that only the best is good enough for your comfort and your safety! The materials and construction technologies that we use and the demands that are made of their weight and stability have many similarities with aviation technology. In this way we can offer you a high degree of durability and value retention, safety, protection and comfort. In this way, each Carthago motorhome becomes something special. Each Carthago is therefore a synonym for exclusivity and quality. Or, to put it briefly, it stands for  “The motorhome”.

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